proposed.. designed.. produced !!

iPad Game Development – Pen Fight

The ongoing project focuses on developing the game of Pen Fight for the iPad. The game uses Objective-C through Cocos2d and involves extensive use of Physics Simulation Engine.

Housing Price Prediction

Led a team to devise a linear regression model and research other models for predicting house prices using R.

Natural Language Processing

As a part of my course work I implemented the following projects
  • Named Entity Recognizer
    Algorithm to recognize named entities and classify them into Person, Location, Organization and Miscellaneous. Implemented in Java.
  • Language Generator
    Basic natural language generator to generate both random and mild semantic sentences in English. The project was implemented in C.
  • CKY Parser
    The project implemented the CKY parser to produce syntax trees using a Probabilistic Context Free Grammar. Both the top down and bottom up variation of the parser were implemented in Python.
  • Auto Summarizer
    Basic summarizer to summarize texts in English. Implemented in C.

Occupancy Grid maps in Higher Dimensions

Algorithm to create occupancy maps maintaining dependency among neighboring grid cells using the forward sensor model in robotics and the Expectation Maximization approach to achieve the goal.

Sudoku Solver

A solver implemented in C to solve moderate to difficult Sudokus in acceptable time. The solver was implemented using two different problem solving algorithms viz. WalkSAT and DPLL.

Semantically Enriched Travel Web Service

Web based solution package for a travel agency using the broad concepts of "Web Semantics" and "Service Oriented Architecture". It intends to combine various travel services into a united package by using the SOA modules provided by the associated vendors.

Inventory Management of a Pharmacy

Software for managing the inventory in a pharmacy, thereby providing a timely ordering of out of stock products.

Software for Steganography

The software as the name suggests helped hiding text in images. Implemented in Java.